CRAM Record No. 3 - November 2013 - Javier Carmona Solo - CHAMOTA

CRAM Record No. 3 - November 2013
Javier Carmona Solo - CHAMOTA

Two solo percussion improvisations. Javier makes use of the magnificent space of St.Leonards Shoreditch Church so as to almost be heard playing a duet. Javier and space, space and Javier.

‘Chamota’, a title chosen by Javier, they are the little stones that are mixed with ceramics to obtain a more texturized piece.

The artwork which is included within the cd cover is also produced by Carmona and marks another side to this excellent musician. He is an artist who deserves much wider recognition for his very personal approach to his instrument. The drum and percussion role is littered with marvellous individuals, to carve your own sound within this history is noteworthy alone.


released 05 November 2013
Javier Carmona - drums & percussion.
All music & sound created by Javier Carmona.
The album is available for download here:

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